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Garden of Eden

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I get a lot of questions about my process of shooting Night sky and on several requests, I have recently started to offer 1-on-1 and small group Astro/Night Photography workshops. I will also be starting group workshops from 2017.

You will get all my attention in one-on-one and small group workshops that is sometimes difficult in Large group workshops. I live in Peabody, Massachusetts and most of my 1-on-1 workshops will be based out of Dark night sky places in New England but I am more than happy to conduct these workshops anywhere in the United States or beyond if I have time available and my Travel and Lodging expenses are covered.

Requirements – DSLR Camera, Lens, Tripod, remote timer etc. Please contact me for further details. For attending the one-on-one workshop, you need to have basic understanding on the exposure triangle and also understand your camera functions.

I will concentrate and educate on how to capture the Nightscapes – Milky way, star trails etc and everything required to create a beautiful nightscape. I will teach you the process I follow to create magical Nightscapes. I will soon be starting the post processing workshops but till that time, I will also help you with post processing your images.

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Chandrasekhar Nagarajan, Salt Lake City, Utah -

I have been following Manish's work for a long time. I was really happy when he announced his 1-on-1 workshops/Coaching sessions. He was more than welcoming for when I asked him to accommodate a friend of mine as well to join the 1-On-1 workshop sessions in Utah. As an amateur photographer, I understood many concepts of Astro-Photography from his overnight tutorial. I feel glad to know that he will be doing group workshops too. Definitely a thumbs up for his patience and teaching skills. Please carry a notebook and save up on sleep when you do go 😊

Rohan T Reddy, Auburn Hills, Michigan -

 It was very much exciting and I was fortunate enough to participate in Manish Mamtani's Boston workshop. What a fantastic experience! Not just Manish is a phenomenal photographer, but he is a fabulous tutor. I came in to the workshop with a pretty rudimentary understanding of landscape photography and a camera that I had only limited experience using. Manish Mamtani at the workshop tutored how to take great pictures and use the camera effectively. Manish also helped me learn how to use Lightroom to really optimize my pictures. Not only is Manish Mamtani a great instructor, but he’s such a wonderful person to educate people about the content of photography.

He was so knowledgeable – not just about where to get the great shots, but about the ambience in general. I feel that my skill level grew exponentially over the course of just a few days, and I came home with several “gallery”-worthy shots that I can’t wait to hang on my walls!

I look forward to continuing to develop my photography skills, and am so grateful to Manish for his instruction and inspiration! I hope I can come back for another workshop with Manish Mamtani soon!

Sanket Kolhe, Salt Lake City, Utah

I have been following Manish Mamtani’s work since 2 years now. Being an amateur photographer and an avid hiker, I had seen all the national parks of Utah several times. But I was still completely spellbound when I first saw Manish’s portrayal of Utah’s national parks. Naturally I was very excited to see him and to learn photography from him. I was aware of all the basics before I met him and I had some decent nightscape shots before. One-on-one session opened other avenues to improve my images. To mention a few, techniques to reduce noise in the high iso images, composition for panoramas, and pre-planning techniques for milky way shots helped a lot in my solo adventures later on.

Overall it was a very productive session. It was a great experience overall. Manish was patient and was very elaborate. And he answered all my questions (which were a lot! :P) without any hesitation. Just watching him create his images with great perseverance was also educational. Learnt a lot and improved my images a lot after this meet. Hoping to catch him again in Utah

Sanket Kolhe - 1-on-1 Workshop, Utah

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